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Our Crane Operators Serve Peoria, Bloomington, Macomb, Springfield, Decatur, Quincy, IL, and Surrounding Areas

Here at A.C. Jones Trucking, Inc., we've been providing professional crane services to the central Illinois area for 70 years. We pride ourselves on having exceptional experience in crane operations. Our family owned and operated business offers personal service, and our experienced techs have the skills and knowledge to operate heavy equipment of all varieties, manual or computerized.

We have a large variety of cranes in varying sizes, to suit your business needs. Whether you need emergency services due to downed power lines, or need to schedule a crane for lifting a new air conditioning unit in position, we have the right equipment for the job.
Crane Rental — A man who operates in our crane company in Peoria, IL
Our Fleet:
All Terrain Truck Cranes:
Types of Cranes

350 Ton Truck Crane
150 Ton Truck Crane
75 Ton Truck Crane
50 Ton Truck Crane
40 Ton Truck Crane
35 Ton Truck Crane
18 Ton Truck Crane
Make/ Model of Crane

Grove GMK 6350
Grove GMK 5150B
Grove TMS 875B
Grove TMS700E
Grove TMS 540
Grove TMS 300
Grove TM 180
Link to Crane Chart

350 Ton Chart
150 Ton Chart

75 Ton Chart
50 Ton Chart
40 Ton Chart
35 Ton Chart
18 Ton Chart
Rough Terrain Cranes:
Types of Cranes

65 Ton RT
50 Ton RT
45 Ton RT
30 Ton RT
22 Ton RT
Make/ Model of Crane

LinkBelt RTC 8065-II
LinkBelt RTC 8050-II
Grove RT 745
Grove RT 500 DXL
Grove RT 522
Link to Crane Chart

65Ton RT Chart
50Ton RT Chart
45Ton RT Chart
30Ton RT Chart
22Ton RT Chart
When you need a crane, you want equipment you can rely on. At A.C. Jones Trucking, Inc., we provide numerous sizes and types of cranes to accommodate a variety of needs. Whether you need to lift heavy materials into position or make emergency repairs to power lines and other systems, we’ve got your back.

We provide quality crane rental services, and we can help you determine which crane is right for your job. To ensure the safety of everyone on-site, we carefully maintain our cranes and perform repairs when necessary.

Trust in Our Expertise

For the past 70 years, our dependable crane company has provided professional crane services to areas in and around Quincy, IL, and the quality of our services are still the same now as they were in the beginning. We take the time to offer personable, accommodating services, and our exceptional experience allows us to provide the best assistance possible.

Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to aptly operate any of our cranes, and they can assist you with any project. If you aren’t sure which crane is best for your task, our helpful team can help you narrow down your choices and determine which crane is the most suitable.

Take a look at our cranes below to see what we have available. We have cranes for rough terrain as well as any other terrain. To see some of our cranes in action, check out our photo gallery.

Rely on Our Helpful Team

Our Quincy, IL, customers are important to us, so we do everything we can to take care of their crane needs. Should you have any questions about our crane service or cranes, feel free to contact us. Give us a ring at 217-323-2591. You can also message us through our website or email us at acjonestrucking@gmail.com.